Building Amenities

Bike Friendly
Commuter lockers
Dero bike racks
Dero Fixit station
Bike wash space
Public bike room on Division Street
Car Parking
47 car parking spaces, for lease to residents only
Motorcycle parking, for lease to residents only
Pet Friendly
Pet wash area
People who are nice to animals
Coffee Shop Lobby
Fireplace lounge
Front desk
Free Wi-Fi
Rooftop Lounge
Partially covered
Outdoor fire place
Gas BBQ with worktable and sink
Free Wi-Fi
Lounge and table area
Fitness Room
2 True Elliptical Escalate with 15” TVs
1 True Upright Bike Escalate with 15” TV
4-18lb medicine balls
3 stability balls of varying sizes
5-50lb dumbbell set with rack
Stretching mats
Wall mounted bands for band therapy
Flat/incline pro bench
Trash & Recycling
Trash chutes on each floor
Central recycling
Green Features
Onsite storm water filtration
Native plants
Low flow fixtures
Dual flush toilets
Low VOC paints
LED and highly efficient lighting
High efficiency unit appliances
Locally sourced casework and interior woods